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Edelsbacher Design Group - We create Desire ...

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and operating a branch in Steyr, Austria, we bridge Europe with the USA! (Or as some say: We connect the Wild West with Lederhosen:) Edelsbacher Design Group specializes in web design, mobile websites, social media marketing, online marketing, SEO, customer loyalty programs, digital wallet cards and traditional advertising like branding, print design and ad campaigns.

Web Design & Custom Programming

We develop websites with content management systems for small and large businesses, chambers and tourism organizations, even for cities and destinations. Web pages and content can be easily managed by our clients. And with specific SEO tactics we can get your website in top search engine ranking.

No matter if you advertise locally, nationwide or in Europe, we have the right creative concepts and advertising campaigns: Social Media Campaigns, Online Marketing, Magazine Ad Campaigns, Print Advertising, Printed Collateral, ...

With over 25 years of international marketing experience, we combine award winning design with clever concepts and solid marketing knowledge for branding and websites. Our advertising campaigns are bold and they create desire.

Innovative Marketing & Advertising Campaigns