About Guenther Edelsbacher's Design Group and Advertising Agency

My Love for Design and clever Concepts

After designing and developing for so many companies and so many years I realized, that one of your most powerful marketing tools is your own belief and enthusiasm. Capturing your spark and starting a fire is what I do best.

I reside in the USA and my creative wheels are turning 24 hours a day. I am a designer with a background in classic advertising, photography, typography, color management, corporate design/identity, web development, branding and special effects for graphic design. With all that knowledge I am able to seamlessly switch gears between print and web.

I work hard, cook like a dream and enjoy every minute of the day. I believe in myself, the power of the universe and I am thankful for all I have been given (and for a few things I have taken:).

Edelsbacher Design Group started in Europe in 1990 with innovative designs and bold concepts. A vacation led us to the USA where our clients enjoy our creativity and our unique way of thinking.

Sarasota Florida is home for the US branch of Edelsbacher Design Group. International flavor and the knowledge of the US and the European marketplaces puts us in a unique position of being able to help clients in the USA and internationally.

We bridge the creative gap between the Wild West and Lederhosen!