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Club & Loyalty Systems with Promotion Distribution

You can be generous - it goes to club members only
Brings back customers • Promotes your brand locally • Customer appreciation
Let's creates Incremental Revenue!

Wallet Cards for Mobile Phones
Guests Info, Offers, Boarding Passes & Waivers.

Digital Wallet Cards for your guest's mobile phones
Your offers & infos are always handy on guest's phones.
No app to install, no password to set up.

Mobile Phone Boarding Passes & Waivers
Speed up Boarding for Private Planes, Heli Tours and Activities.
We made Digital Waivers and Pass Scanning easy peasy.

Fully automated Birthday Club
It saves you time & money

Promotes your brand.
Brings guests back in.
Grows your customer base.

Guests sign up online for free.
We send them your Welcome- & Birthday Gifts.
Unique codes secure redemption & tracking.

Birthday Club Example

Surveys & Sweepstakes

Want to build a solid customer database for your marketing?
A short survey is the perfect start to interact with guests.
And a connected sweepstakes is the incentive that guarantees participation!

Winner is drawn and notified automatically & randomly.

Survey results are logged in a dashboard for you.

Review & Reputation Manager

Approves good ones & catches fake or bad ones
Boosts search engine ranking • Builds your reputation on google, facebook, yelp, ...

Instant Gift Cards & Online Fundraiser

Instantly sent per email. Secure redemption
Organizations sell your deals online & get a kickback
Available 24/7 • Instantly Printable • Funds go directly into your bank