eCommerce, Online Stores and Shopping Carts

eCommerce Solutions & Shopping Cart Systems

At Edelsbacher Design Group we develop complete eCommerce solutions to run your online store. We create eCommerce websites for all business sizes from small online shops to multi department online retailers with complex inventory systems and automatic FedEx and UPS shipment inclusion.

We can provide you with custom web application services that make your online store run smooth with secure and easy to follow through check out and payment process with PayPal integration for a satisfying customer experience. Simple reporting procedure, readily accessible sales information, sales and order tracking, and inventory system.

Equip your online store with additional modules and engage with your customers through newsletters, blogs, voucher codes, promotions, and a variety of other marketing tools.

With a unique online store front design and an SEO friendly platform comes better visibility to ensure top rankings across search engines to get in front of shoppers.

Sell on Mobile Phones.
Optimize your online shop to reach millions of mobile users. We develop mobile web applications for online stores for iPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry, and more. Our online store design allows you to have a unique and optimized mobile presence that compliments your traditional web store. Customers land on a special designed splash page giving them the options to quickly contact your business, easily browse your products and buy them right with their phone.

Sell with your Facebook page.
Reach the over 850,000,000 users on Facebook with the click of a button. Our eCommerce software makes it possible to sell products directly from your Facebook page. Orders are managed in the admin area of your cart in symphony with orders from your website and mobile store.

Our knowledge and creativity to handle custom eCommerce website design and programming at such a high level are unmatched. We are able to take advantage of our own application framework to produce reliable, flexible and secure Web applications.