Branding and Logo Design

Interested in Logo Design or Branding your Business?

Branding is like a distinct marketing fingerprint - it starts in your head and never ends.

Branding is not your logo, it is not what you think what you offer.

Branding is, what you make your clients think about you.

Branding is also the public representation of your company. It includes the dialogue with customers, your customer service and visual communication to name a few. That makes Branding a very powerful business tool.

Your logo is not your branding, it is a big part of the process. Your logo needs to reflect your philosophy. Together with colors, fonts and your special way of advertising it will become your corporate design, your recognition and repetition. A strong, credible brand uses its ?unique personality' to speak to its audience and to stand out from the crowd.

And once you have your branding, your logo, your corporate design, your special way of advertising, you will create your corporate identity. An identity that you and your people carry proud and loud. Everybody can see it. You are branded. It feels good.

Do you have a Strong Logo?

It is so important to have a logo that reflects your business identity in the memorable way.

Other than identifying your company, a strong logo helps your company to appeal to your target audience and stand out amongst your competitors.

From single logos to full branding, we believe every project deserves an innovative, creative design with a strong concept to reflect the your goals. We work closely together with our clients to make sure we deliver a logo design that your are proud of.

Logos should have:

Uniqueness for instant recognition

Simplicity so the logo will not look dated within a few years

Adaptability so your customers can still see your logo well if faxed or printed very small

Our Branding & Logo Design Services Include:

  • Branding Concepts
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate Identity Consulting
  • Creative Consulting
  • Collateral Development