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The mobile web is overtaking desktop web - more users accessing the web via a mobile devices.

Having a mobile website is going to be vital business decision if you want to reach customers with a smart phones. It is important to give them a good experience and make sales in the process.

We provide mobile web solutions for all mobile platforms. We help our clients developing the right mobile strategy and deliver the right mobile strategy for their businesses.

Google changes affecting Mobile Ranking - Is your website ready?
Google uses mobile friendliness as one of their ranking factors.

What is a Mobile Friendly Site?

A mobile friendly site is optimized for the mobile screen, fast reading and relevant information.
The user typically has different expectations when searching for a business, product or type of business on a mobile device.
The mobile user want immediate results and are typically looking for something specific on their mobile device:

- Location and Map
- Clickable Phone Number
- Services & Products
- Promotions and Coupons

We will help you establish a Winning Mobile Web Strategy

    • Our Mobile Websites are optimized for Touchscreen Devices
      The sites are designed for thumbs with the mobile user in mind, makes it easy to use. Give quick and easy access to the key information about your business. Our mobile sites come with self administration for quick changes.

    • Cross Platform
      Mobile sites support multiple mobile device platforms such as iOS, Android and more.

    • Emphasis on Small Files:
      Due to current bandwidth limitations, a stronger emphasis on lowering file weight is placed into mobile web development to speed up leading time.

    • Mobile Sites are Top Priority for Search Engines
      Search engines focus on three things for mobile search: relevance, simplicity and speed.
      Relevance: Only Mobile Sites with relevance will be in the top results of searches.
      Simplicity: A simple front page and very simple understandable result pages are critical.
      Speed: On mobile devices networks are still somewhat slow, so focus on speedy pages.

    • How will your Mobile Site be found?
      Redirect: If mobile clients search for your website, we redirect them to your mobile site.
      SEO: We use the power of your existing website. If it is found, your mobile site is found.
      Tags: Let people know about your mobile site. Add scan able tags to print and ad campaigns.

  • Mobile Websites can include:
    Photo Galleries
    Events Calendars
    RSS Feeds
    and much more ...

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