Website Content Management System CMS

Add a Content Management System to your Website

The CMS or Content Management System can be integrated in existing websites for easy self management. It gives the owner or administrator of the website complete control over the website's content. Website owners/administrators can organize, edit and publish their website content, remove and add documents and images without technical knowledge. It further allows you to set up new pages to to keep your website fresh and interesting for end-users.

Content management is an extension of your website's management with the focus on offering clients a better user experience by introducing new content or services without the need of costly reprogramming. It also reduces the cost of website maintenance. You can log right in and make updates, changes, or additions to your site at any time at your convenience.

Metroya - User Friendly Custom CMS

Our custom content management system is called Metroya. Metroya is a user friendly content management system suitable for small businesses up to large membership driven organizations like chambers with different administration levels and member management and password protection.

We've been building this content management system for over 10 years, which means we have a lot of experience. Metroya uses the latest technology available and can be tailored to your specific needs. We develop a strategic solution that fits your company and make it as simple, effective, and easy as possible for your exact requirements.
Our custom CMS also means that you are safe and secure. Mainstream CMS software solutions are always the target of hackers because they are used by so many people.