Website Widgets

Website Widgets Boost Engagement & Grow your Audience

Widgets are mini web applications that can be embedded into your website.
Widgets help to make your site interactive, promote products, feature your social media engagement, and more. Websites can be customized with widgets and website extensions like coupon management systems, banner management systems, customer contests and sweepstakes.

We design, build and manage custom widgets and website extensions that are tailored to your business needs and will fit seamlessly into your website.

Available Website Widgets

Birthday Club - A Customer Appreciation Tool
Automatically generates and sends out offers and birthday gifts to customers who signed up and became members of your Birthday Club.

Coupon System
Offer an unlimited number of coupons to your customers to drive revenue and thank your loyal customers. It is easy to start listing and manage your own coupons, current specials and discounts directly on your website. You can also choose a specified start date and define when the coupon will expire. All expired coupons are automatically removed from display. It also provides statistics so you can see how popular your coupons are. Send your coupon by text to SMS or publish your coupons to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site. Coupon can be created with an own scan able bar code.

Banner Management System
Website banner management tool for rotating banner ads and tracking statistics. Administer and serve your banner ads on your website. It comes with every feature you need to administer banner ads online.

Administration Levels
Different administration levels and permissions (for example Superadmin, Members, etc) can be given to admin users. This ability improves the overall experience of the website enhancing user participation.

Contests and Sweepstakes
Drive more customers to your website, reward current customers, or expand you database of contacts using online contests and sweepstakes. The contest system provides an easy way to manage online contests without technical expertise. For example it automatically saves entrant's e-mail addresses from sign-in form, requires verification sent to given email address, automatically chooses a random winner.

Trivia Games for iPhones
Everyone loves Trivia!
Keep visitors engaged in your restaurant or bar by offering trivia games. You choose the type and difficulty level of trivia questions and categories that best suits your audience. Players sign up quickly and easily via a simple form. A new set of trivia questions that match your parameters are displayed to your players every single day. Every player who signs up in your tournament may play once per day and all players are scored against one another on a rankings ladder. The players who answer most accurately and quickly score the most points. Cumulative scores are saved throughout the month, encouraging players to return daily.

Gift Certificate Program
It has a track able unique number reporting system. List of unique numbers can be printed and seen online after login. Gift certificate is immediately printable after check out and confirmed to customer by email notification.
Gift certificate can also be sent to a smart phone and redeemed by showing it with a unique track able number at the merchant.

RSS Feed
Can be created of any specials and news or blog page. All news, blog or special pages should have a feed to help distribute their content. The feed is auto-discoverable on websites and easy to subscribe to. In addition it can show the last entry at any place of your website.

Our Ajax-powered MP3 Jukebox continuously streams music as customers click through your website. It supports multiple XML playlists that are queued into a single playlist, where users can see the currently playing track and choose another song.

Media Gallery
The media gallery system in an integrated web picture gallery script with lots of features.
Arrangement of pictures in albums, picture information stored in database, users can upload pictures with web interface, creation of thumbnail, caption, title and description, ?

Event Calendar
Publish and manage your own events on your website. The Event Calendar provides a wide range of addition information - fees, direction to the facility, links to associated websites and most important it includes fall off dates.