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Digital Marketing Solutions & Advertising Agency

Branding & Identity, Advertising & Marketing Consulting, Web & Print Campaigns, ...
Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and a branch in Steyr, Austria.
We bridge Europe with the USA!
(Or as some say: We connect the Wild West with Lederhosen:)

Edelsbacher Design Group Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Tools & Guest Communications
Club & Loyalty Systems, Airplane & Helicopter Mobile Ticketing, Review & Reputation Management, Surveys & Sweepstakes, Online Shops, Gift Cards & Fundraisers, ...

Digital guides & QR Codes are beautifully embedded into fine artwork.
We combine latest digital technology and all your info to bring it contactless to your costumers smartphones.

Destination & Travel Guides
Digital Destination Guides, Destination Scouting, Digital Content Creation, Adventure Guides, Hotels & Resorts Guides, Cruise Line Guides, ...

No matter if you advertise locally or internationally, we have the right digital solutions, creative concepts and advertising campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns, Online Marketing, Magazine Ad Campaigns, Print Advertising, Printed Collateral, ...

With our international marketing experience, we combine award winning design with clever concepts and solid marketing knowledge for branding and websites.

Our advertising campaigns are smart, daring, and crafted to create desire.